Customization Options Available with Moving Head Beam Lights

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  • 2024.06.20
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Moving head beam lights are the versatile workhorses of the lighting world, and their customization options make them an essential part of any lighting setup. With the ability to control color, movement, and more, moving head beam lights can be tailored to create a wide range of effects and atmospheres.

Color Customization

Color Wheels and Gels

Moving head beam lights typically come with a range of built-in color wheels and gels. These allow you to quickly and easily change the color of the beam, creating vibrant and dynamic effects. Color wheels can offer a wide variety of colors, including saturated hues and subtle pastels. Gels can be used to add depth and texture to the beam, or to create specific color combinations.

CMY/RGB Color Mixing

For even more precise color control, moving head beam lights may have CMY or RGB color mixing systems. CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) mixing allows you to create a wide range of colors by combining these primary colors. RGB (red, green, blue) mixing is similar, but it uses a different set of primary colors to create a more vibrant and saturated range of hues.

Movement Customization

Pan and Tilt

Pan and tilt refer to the horizontal and vertical movement of the light fixture. Moving head beam lights typically offer a wide range of pan and tilt angles, allowing you to position the beam precisely where you want it. This flexibility makes it easy to create dynamic lighting sequences and effects that can sweep across the stage or dance floor.


Rotation refers to the spinning movement of the light fixture around the vertical axis. Many moving head beam lights offer continuous rotation, allowing you to create mesmerizing visual effects such as spirals and chases. Rotation can also be used to create dynamic transitions between scenes or to add a touch of drama to your lighting setup.

Effects and Gobos


Gobos are stencils that can be placed in the beam path to create patterns and shapes. These patterns can add texture and variety to the beam, transforming it from a simple spotlight into a creative lighting element. Gobos are available in a wide range of designs, from abstract shapes to iconic images.


Moving head beam lights may also come with built-in effects such as strobe, chase, and dimming. These effects can add a touch of excitement and energy to your lighting setup. Strobe effects can create a pulsating effect, while chase effects can make the beam move across the stage or dance floor in a continuous loop. Dimming allows you to control the intensity of the beam, creating subtle fades or dramatic blackouts.

Control Options

DMX Control

DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a standard protocol for controlling lighting fixtures. It allows you to connect multiple moving head beam lights to a single controller, enabling you to create complex lighting scenes and sequences. DMX control gives you full access to all of the customization options available on your moving head beam lights.

Manual Control

For more basic applications, moving head beam lights may also offer manual control options. This can include built-in buttons or knobs that allow you to adjust the color, movement, and effects of the light fixture. Manual control is useful for simple setup or for quick adjustments during a performance.

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