Types of Theatre Lighting Equipment and Their Uses

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  • 2024.06.27
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When you step into a theatre, the lights are as much a part of the show as the actors and the sets. They can create atmosphere, highlight action, and even convey emotion. But what are the different types of theatre lighting equipment, and how are they used?

Front of House Lighting

The front of house (FOH) lighting is what the audience sees from their seats. It’s used to illuminate the stage and create the overall look of the show. There are many different types of FOH lighting equipment, including:

Spotlights: These are used to focus light on a specific area of the stage, such as an actor or a prop.

Floodlights: These are used to wash a large area of the stage with light.

Ellipsoidal spotlights: These are a type of spotlight that produces a soft-edged beam of light.

PAR cans: These are a type of floodlight that produces a wide beam of light.

Back of House Lighting

The back of house (BOH) lighting is what the actors and crew use to see backstage. It’s also used to create special effects, such as fog and smoke. There are many different types of BOH lighting equipment, including:

Worklights: These are used to provide general illumination backstage.

Followspots: These are used to track actors as they move around the stage.

Blackouts: These are used to turn off all of the lights on stage.

Special effects lighting: This type of lighting is used to create special effects, such as fog and smoke.

Control Equipment

The control equipment is used to operate the lighting equipment. It can be as simple as a dimmer switch or as complex as a computer-controlled lighting console. The control equipment allows the lighting designer to create and control the lighting cues for the show.

Lighting Design

The lighting designer is responsible for creating the lighting design for the show. They work with the director and the set designer to create a lighting scheme that complements the show’s overall concept. The lighting designer also programs the control equipment to create the lighting cues for the show.

Theatre lighting equipment is an essential part of any theatrical production. It can be used to create a variety of effects and atmospheres, and it can help to bring the show to life.

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