Safety Considerations with Dual Moving Head Lights

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  • 2024.06.26
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Moving head lights, also known as scanner lights, are a popular choice for lighting events because they offer a wide range of movement and effects. However, when using dual moving head lights, there are a number of safety considerations that must be taken into account to ensure the safety of both the audience and the performers. Some of these safety considerations include:

Electrical Safety

Use proper power cords and connectors. Make sure that the power cords and connectors you are using are rated for the amperage of the lights you are using. Using undersized power cords or connectors can create a fire hazard.

Ground the lights properly. Grounding the lights helps to protect against electrical shock. Make sure that the lights are grounded to a proper grounding point.

Do not overload circuits. Do not overload electrical circuits by plugging too many lights into a single circuit. Overloading a circuit can cause the circuit to overheat and start a fire.

Keep power cords and cables away from heat sources. Power cords and cables can melt if they are exposed to heat. Keep them away from heat sources such as stage lights, heaters, and other equipment.

Mechanical Safety

Mount the lights securely. Moving head lights are heavy and can fall if they are not mounted securely. Make sure that the lights are mounted to a stable surface using appropriate mounting hardware.

Use safety cables. Safety cables help to prevent the lights from falling if they become dislodged from their mounts. Make sure that the safety cables are attached to a secure point and that they are the appropriate length.

Keep the lights away from moving objects. Moving head lights can be struck by moving objects such as performers or stage props. Keep the lights out of the way of moving objects and make sure that they are not in a position where they could be knocked over.

Use a qualified technician to install and maintain the lights. Moving head lights are complex pieces of equipment and should be installed and maintained by a qualified technician. A qualified technician will be able to ensure that the lights are safe to operate.

Optical Safety

Do not look directly into the lights. The lights from moving head lights can be very bright and can damage your eyes. Do not look directly into the lights, even if they are turned off.

Use a haze or fog machine to reduce glare. A haze or fog machine can help to reduce the glare from the lights and make them less harmful to the eyes.

Provide adequate lighting in the performance area. Adequate lighting in the performance area helps to reduce the contrast between the lights and the surroundings, which can make it easier to see the lights without being blinded.

Use a light controller to limit the brightness of the lights. A light controller can help to limit the brightness of the lights, making them less harmful to the eyes.

By following these safety considerations, you can help to ensure the safety of both the audience and the performers when using dual moving head lights.

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