Moving Head Lights

We offer a range of cutting-edge moving head lights designed to elevate live events, concerts, theaters, and performances to new heights. Our extensive collection includes moving head beam lights, profile moving lights, moving head spot lights, and moving head wash lights, each offering its unique capabilities and lighting effects. These moving lights are professional lighting solutions designed for stage performances and various events.


All our moving head lights are meticulously crafted with high-quality components and advanced technology. We prioritize reliability, durability, and exceptional performance to ensure that our moving lights consistently meet the demands of the most dynamic and challenging stage productions. Not only do our moving head lights deliver impressive lighting effects, but they also offer excellent controllability and flexibility. With DMX control, programming options, and seamless integration into existing lighting setups, these moving lights empower lighting designers to unleash their creativity and bring their visions to life.


Our range of moving head lights is designed to bring clients’ creative visions to life, whether requiring a powerful and focused moving head beam light, a precise and flexible moving head spotlight, an immersive and vibrant moving head wash light, or a complex and dynamic lighting pattern. With their exceptional versatility and functionality, our moving head lights provide the perfect solution to enhance any stage performance.

1000W BSWF Profile Moving Head Light LX1000P

With a sleek profile design and advanced features, it provides precised and clear beam shape control.

800W BSWF Profile Moving Head Light LX800P Framing Stage light

With a sleek profile design and advanced features, it provides precised and clear beam framing control.

LED Moving Head Spot Light LS400S

The high-quality LED technology ensures bright and sharp output, while the adjustable zoom and focus functions allow for customizable beam angles and sharpness.

LED Moving Head SpotLight LS500W

The unique optical system design makes it have a high color rendering index (CRI ≥90,Ra≥92), which makes the actors appearance on the stage perform better and brings a more realistic look and feel to the audience, while the adjustable zoom (12°-34°)and focus functions allow for different stage size and diverse usage scenarios.

LED Moving Head Stage Wash Light LW200Z

The versatile moving head stage light provides a powerful lighting solution for theaters, concerts and large outdoor performances.
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