Moving Head Beam Lights

Moving head beam lights are an incredibly powerful and dynamic lighting solution for a variety of professional settings. Whether it’s concerts, theaters, clubs, or live events, these sharpy beam lights are capable of projecting highly focused beams with remarkable accuracy, allowing for precise control and the creation of stunning lighting effects.


Featuring advanced optics and high-intensity lights, our moving head sharpy lights produce narrow and concentrated beams that can be controlled and manipulated to create stunning effects. They offer a wide range of functionalities, including adjustable beam angles, variable beam sizes, and customizable gobo patterns, allowing lighting designers to create diverse and captivating visuals.


The versatility of moving head beam lights lies in their ability to produce sharp and defined beams that can cut through the air, creating mesmerizing aerial effects and adding depth to the stage. With quick and smooth pan and tilt movements, these sharpy DJ lights can precisely track performers or objects, highlighting them in the spotlight. Whether used as a standalone lighting fixture or combined with other types of moving head lights, such as wash lights or spotlights, moving head beam lights add a dynamic and impactful element to any production.


Moving Head Sharpy Light LB480

Featuring a wide range of vibrant colors, gobos, and adjustable features, this moving head light offers endless creative possibilities.

Stage Moving Head Beam Light LB380

It has a special optical design to ensure that the beam of light is full and the spot is uniform during projection.
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