Moving Head Wash Lights

Our moving head wash lights are top lighting solutions specially designed for stage performances, concerts, clubs, and other occasions. These lights combine wash and head-moving functions to bring dynamic and stunning visual effects to events. With horizontal and vertical panning capabilities, our LED stage wash lights flexibly sweep across the stage, illuminating actors and sets with colorful, adjustable beams. Whether broadly illuminate an entire stage, or focus on a specific area, our LED stage moving head wash lights can do the job with ease.


Our moving head wash lights are equipped with adjustable zoom functions to meet the needs of different scenes. The angle and range of the beam can be customized according to needs to ensure the best effect of light coverage. Additionally, they are equipped with interchangeable gobo wheels, capable of projecting a wide variety of patterns and images. This adds more creativity and variety to lighting design. Whether creating exciting stage backdrops or providing performers with personalized lighting effects, our LED moving wash lights can meet specific requirements.


In addition to flexible lighting effects, our moving head wash lights also feature seamless color mixing. Colors and color gradients can be easily adjusted to create lighting effects suitable for different occasions and atmospheres. Our LED stage wash lights also have an advanced control system, which can be easily controlled individually or linked with other lights. Experience endless possibilities with our cutting-edge moving head wash lights.


LED Moving Head Stage Wash Light LW200Z

The versatile moving head stage light provides a powerful lighting solution for theaters, concerts and large outdoor performances.

LED Moving Head Wash Light LW500

Elevate lighting experience with our dynamic LED moving head wash light, delivering mesmerizing color combinations and effects.

LED Moving Wash Light LW800 Zoom 800w

800W 37x40w LED RGBW Mulichips Moving Head Wash lights with Zoom (5°-50°),Cover Large Range and Long Distance.

Stage Moving Head Wash Light LW1000 Zoom 1000w

1000W 61x40w LED RGBW Mulichips Moving Head Wash lights with Zoom (5°-50°),Cover Large Range and Long Distance.
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