Moving Head Spot Lights

We offer a range of high-quality moving head spot lights to provide excellent lighting effects for stage performances, concerts, and various events. These innovative LED stage spotlights are at the forefront of lighting technology, offering unparalleled flexibility and a diverse range of lighting effects, providing lighting designers with unlimited creative possibilities.


Our moving head spot lights are equipped with an advanced optical system that provides precise beam control. With the built-in adjustable focal length and aperture mechanism, the beam angle and size can be easily modified, resulting in accurate and precisely focused light projection. Whether highlighting specific areas on stage or broadly illuminating an entire stage, the spot light on stage delivers accurate and effective light projection.


Furthermore, our moving head spot lights feature fast and precise horizontal and vertical movement capabilities. The spot light on stage can be quickly turned and tilted to project beams of light to different positions on the stage, creating dynamic and multi-dimensional lighting effects. The flexible movement function of the luminaire can add more dynamics and visual impact to stage performances. Our moving head spotlights are also designed to integrate seamlessly with lighting consoles or software, offering advanced programming and automation capabilities. Lighting designers can take full advantage of these features to create intricate lighting sequences, synchronized movements, and dynamic lighting effects that enhance the overall visual experience.


LED Moving Head Spot Light LS400S

The high-quality LED technology ensures bright and sharp output, while the adjustable zoom and focus functions allow for customizable beam angles and sharpness.

LED Moving Head SpotLight LS500W

The unique optical system design makes it have a high color rendering index (CRI ≥90,Ra≥92), which makes the actors appearance on the stage perform better and brings a more realistic look and feel to the audience, while the adjustable zoom (12°-34°)and focus functions allow for different stage size and diverse usage scenarios.

LED Stage Moving Head Spotlight LS300S

Equipped with high-quality gobos that offer full and clear projection, ensuring precise and detailed patterns and images.
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